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Heft 02 / April 2015

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Krystoffer Simon Dreps

Zur Schau gestellt . Aaron Cassidys Komposition für Solo-Trompete

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Put on Display. Aaron Cassidy’s Composition for Solo Trumpet begins with a detailed analysis of the score to show how the different material is notated and employed. This reveals a link – not without contradictions – between graphic and rhythmico-mathematically exact forms of representation. The instructions for actions on the three valves in particular, whose positions are augmented by two that must be newly learned, demand the most precise examination on the part of readers and performers – and, as transpires later on, also for the observing listener. Compositionally speaking, Cassidy’s piece, part of a larger ensemble work, thus deals primarily with aspects of the performer’s physical movements. The sonic layer moves to the background, taking on a secondary role as the unstable consequence of manifold sequences of motions.


Musik & Ästhetik Jahrgang 19, Heft 74, Heft 02, April 2015
ISSN: 1432-9425

Autoren in dieser Ausgabe

Michael Schwarz, Krystoffer Simon Dreps, Mareike Giertler, Carola Nielinger-Vakil, Lukas Haselböck, Sabine Meine, Dieter Mack, Hans-Georg Knopp, Rafael Rennicke, Wolfgang Lessing, Stefan Beyer, Susanne Kogler,

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